Professional Fashion Photography

Working in fashion photography for over 7 years,  I realised that every photo session represents a different experience;  I use my skills and creative passion to obtain the perfect final image for every project. Based in Sydney Australia.

Fashion editorials

I have invaluable experience showcasing models with an emphasis on direction, lighting and digital retouching using the latest cutting edge techniques to deliver quality unrivaled results and fulfil industry requirements.

Collaborating with fashion agencies in Europe, such as UNO Models (Barcelona), Oxygen Models (London), as well as international magazines like Cosmopolitan (Mexico), Velvet (Dubai), and ELLE (RUSSIA); each fashion editorial is an opportunity to create new stories. I invite you to discover my work and become part of the experience:

The Tourist – fashion editorial, Coolture Magazine
Rouge Mon Amour – fashion editorial, HUF Magazine


Luxury fashion editorial by Diego Pinto

Fashion campaigns

Having done numerous fashion campaigns and editorials for designers and brands, I view every shoot as a unique opportunity to capture the best look for line clothing, accessories and designs.


Summer collection shooting for Cecilia Olocco Barcelona

 Look books and fashion catalogues

Lookbooks are a set of images used in the fashion world for designers and brands to showcase  a collection to potential customers. It is necessary to take quality photographs for the fashion catalogue or lookbook of the brand; my services provide optimized print and digital versions specifically to target consumers and meet client demand.

Look book from designer summer fashion

Fashion films

With my Masters in Audiovisual Post Production I’ve had the opportunity to create and direct  several fashion film projects for the likes of Velvet and HUF.

Summer Harvest – Diego Pinto from Diego Pinto on Vimeo.

You can see my videos in my fashion channel on Vimeo.

If you are interested in making a fashion editorial, campaign or fashion film, contact me.
Call me: +61 451 953 830